Welcome to WarBoats

We are a World of Warships clan based in the UK. WarBoats as a community formed early days of world of warships by a group of friends. Since then our community has grown in both scope and ambition with a newfound focus on the more competitive side of the game. We Run clan battles regularly and a weekly clan night.

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Why WarBoats?

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Discord and TS3

Play Together


We own and operate our own Discord and teamspeak servers. Want to share the spciest of memes? Post great game results?  Or just chat on our TS with other like minded players, we have tou covered.

Want to play clan battles copetitvely? Have a good understanding of the game. Our top members share your enthusiasm. Join our ranks today and lets see how far we get.

We aim to help new members become better at the game by playing divisions and encouraging participation in clan battles. 
We also run a weekly clan night to try to get most of the clan to inteact.